Cheese making became a part of Wilmington's Little Italy in the early 1900's. M. Fierro & Sons has been part of Wilmington's small business district since 1928. Michael Fierro, a Naples Italy native, began his cheese-making livelihood in the cellar of Matassino's grocery store at Seventh and Scott Street. Mr. Fierro learned to make ricotta in an oval tub using just two gas burners. In 1936, Michael Fierro Senior decided to buy the Italian Republican Club on Sixth Street between Lincoln and Union. He made the upstairs rooms apartments and made cheese in the cellar two nights a week. Many people today still talk about their experience as kids when they went down into the cellar to buy cheese for their mothers and grandmothers.

The second generation began with Vincent Fierro and his brother Albert. When Vincent and his brother united in 1947 after the war, they wanted to move their cheese business to another level. They went from selling to local Wilmington residents and businesses to areas in New Jersey, Baltimore, and, Washington. Due to the increase in cheese business outside of the Delaware borders, the Fierro brothers decided to expand to M. Fierro & Sons LLC present address at 1025 North Union Street in the city of Wilmington.

Since 1947, the Fierro family has owned and operated the business. People know Fierro ricotta around the Tri-State area. Ricotta comes in all sizes from 15oz containers to 30-pound impastata. Along with our specialty ricotta, we also manufacturer fresh mozzarella, city long mozzarella, pizza cheese, and cheese curd. In 2007, another local family run business Hy-Point Dairy purchased the Fierro business to ensure the Fierro family tradition continues.

Fierro Cheese is a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality Italian dairy products located in the heart of the Little Italy section of Wilmington, Delaware. Products include Ricotta, Ricotta impastata, Mozzarella, Curd and Queso Fresco.

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